New website, new name... well... not really.

For a long time now, a new website has been in the plans. just never took the time to actually do it. Well, here it is!

For those of you following me on Facebook, you have been aware for a little while how I am gradually moving away from the name Akaranseth. It has been fun while it lasted but the name that was acquired through the forums a decade ago did not have much meaning anymore. 

It was confusing for basically any non-french speaker and the fact it was originally taken from a well known game just made the move obvious. It was time for me to simply assume my name.

A decade ago, several painters were better known through their web aliases. Most exchanges were through various forums and image hosting sites. Most of us became known for these aliases whether we wanted it or not. The funny thing is that often, these nicknames were quickly picked without too much consideration to the impact they could have. 

So mine was picked from a character in a game I used to play back then. As I became more and more known as a painter, it stucked. 

10 years later, after attending dozens of shows, contests, classes and other events, the nickname was sidestepped in favor of my real name. It was time for me to make the transition on my various media outlets as well. 

So new site, new logo, time to move forward. Some pictures in the gallery still show the Studio Akaranseth watermark, as a reminder of former days. For the rest, from now on, Mathieu Fontaine will be the only name used. It should be less complicated for non-french speakers to pronounce. 

The new website is leaner. It mainly revolves around my work. Most of the old tutorials are gone. Only the one on airbrushing and on the dragon remained. I would like to say that you can expect more of them in the future but I do not want to make any promises I cannot keep. 

I will try to update the blog once in awhile but I would not check daily if I was you. As said, this site is mostly a portfolio of my work. 

So feel free to peruse my new home. Have fun and in the meantime, keep painting!