Miniature painter

I am a miniature painter based in Canada. Miniature painting has been part of my life since my teenage years. From accumulating paint on my gaming minis to the fine application on my most recent pieces, the learning experience has been a fantastic experience. An experience through which I was able to grow, travel and form the strongest friendships.

Starting with warhammer fantasy miniatures and moving gradually from army to army, to show piece to show piece, paint, brushes and pewter have been the most constant part of my life. It is now with pleasure that it has became my full time occupation.

My days are now filled with miniatures and acrylic medium. My time is spent observing texture and colors that surround me as well as starring impolitely to people in search of the small details that could be replicated on miniatures. An opportunity wished by several but difficult to achieve. 

This site is my way to share my work with you through the gallery and a few tutorials. I sincerely hope you will enjoy, learn and be inspired. 

In the meantime, keep painting.